2002 Holiday Schedule

New Year's Day January 1 Tuesday Overtime
Martin Luther King Day January 21 Monday Compensatory Leave
Presidential Closure #1 February 11 Monday No Additional Compensation
Mardi Gras Day February 12 Tuesday Compensatory Leave
Spring Break/Designated Holiday #1 March 29 Friday Compensatory Leave
Spring Break/Presidential Closure #2 April 1 Monday No Additional Compensation
Memorial Day/Presidential Closure #3 May 27 Monday No Additional Compensation
Independence Day July 4 Thursday Overtime
Presidential Closure #4 July 5 Friday No Additional Compensation
Labor Day September 2 Monday Overtime
Presidential Closure #5 November 27
(Begin at Noon)
Wednesday No Additional Compensation
Thanksgiving Day November 28 Thursday Overtime
Presidential Closure #6
Acadian Day
November 29 Friday No Additional Compensation
Designated Holiday #2 December 23 Monday Compensatory Leave
Christmas Eve December 24 Tuesday Overtime
Christmas Day December 25 Wednesday Overtime
Designated Holiday #3 December 26 Thursday Compensatory Leave
Designated Holiday #4 December 27 Friday Compensatory Leave
Designated Holiday #5 December 30 Monday Compensatory Leave
New Year's Eve December 31 Tuesday Overtime

* Classified Employees Only. The Method of Compensation refers to how a Classified Employee is paid when he or she works the holiday.

All employees are encouraged to save compensatory leave and/or annual leave to be used for the Presidential closures. The Method of Compensation column refers to the method an employee will be paid if he/she is scheduled to work on the holiday.

To be eligible to receive holiday pay, an employee must have a minimum of 4 hours of either paid leave or hours worked which touches the holiday either immediately before or after the holiday.

This schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the President of the University.