Strategic Priority 3 - Strategy 3.1

Strategic Priority 3

To foster the development and effective utilization of faculty and staff

Strategy 3.1

In coordination with the colleges and departments, the University will develop and implement a coordinated plan for professional development of faculty and staff

Plan Start Date

Fall 2001 Implementation Start Date: Fall 2001

Plan End Date

Spring 2002 Implementation End Date: Spring 2006

Intended Outcome:

80% of the faculty and staff will participate in one or more professional development activities each year during the period Fall 2001 and Spring 2006.

Action Plan

  • Establish ad hoc committee of trainers to develop a consolidated list of training currently offered as well as a list of equipment and training facilities available.
  • Develop a set of professional development activities for implementation. (Example: Department Head Mini Series)
  • Implement PeopleSoft Training Module by June 30, 2002 in order to track and report on training activities.
  • Upgrade to PeopleSoft 8 in 2002-2003.


  • To be measured AY 01-02, 03-04, and 05-06.
  • Information gathered from the assessments will be used to align the Human Resource Office’s activities and services more closely with the identified staff development needs of the university and the university’s strategic plan.

Resources Needed

Additional dollars for overtime for HR Staff to implement PS Training Module and funds for one Management Intern to work 20-25 hours per week to assist with the implementation and data conversion. Convert temporary Clerk Chief 1 to permanent position to maintain training data in PS Training Module.


  • $8,500 for implementation
  • 14,914 for Clerk Chief 1 position to maintain Training Module