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ING Changing Name to VOYA

In April 2013, ING U.S. revealed its future name: Voya FinancialTM. Throughout 2014, you will begin to experience our exciting transition to the VoyaTM brand. To help ensure a smooth and successful transition, our name change will take place over time and in various stages - and as a result, you may see both ING U.S. and Voya at times throughout 2014. Our rebranding efforts should be complete by year's end and you will come to know us as Voya.  


You will start to see our transition to Voya beginning on May 1, 2014 when any fund options managed by ING U.S. Investment Management that may be available in your retirement savings plan will begin to change to the Voya brand. For example, the ING Intermediate Bond Fund will become the Voya Intermediate Bond Fund. ING funds managed by other fund families will change from ING to "VY." It may take several months for materials such as the fund fact sheets to transition to the new Voya name, but it's important to note that only the names of the impacted funds are changing; the fund management, fees, objective and portfolio composition of each fund will remain exactly the same.


If you have any questions about these changes, please call your Plan Information Line.