General Notice of Impending Layoff

General Notice of Impending Layoff

August 14, 2014

General Notice of Impending Layoff

To: Employees of Southeastern Louisiana University


From: John L. Crain, President


Subject: Notice of Impending Layoff


Date: August 14, 2014


This layoff is being proposed for employees in the Computer Operations Department ONLY since the University moved to web-based administrative systems and shut down the mainframe system in July 2012 and the majority of the responsibilities performed in that department are no longer necessary.


In accordance with the requirements of Civil Service Rule 17.12(a), notice is hereby given of an impending layoff to be effective September 12, 2014 at Southeastern Louisiana University. Positions occupied by employees affected by this proposal are domiciled in the parish of Tangipahoa.


Once the layoff plan has been approved by the Director of Civil Service, it will be made generally available. Any questions concerning this matter should be directed to Kevin Brady, Director of Human Resources at ext. 2001.


Responsibilities of Employees Affected in a Layoff
Civil Service Rule 17.19


The responsibilities of employees affected in a layoff are listed below. This rule applies to active employees and includes employees who are on leave for any reason, on detail to special duty and on temporary interdepartmental assignment.


a) The employee shall read or otherwise make himself aware of agency-distributed         information concerning the layoff.

b) The employee shall supply all information required by the agency to determine             adjusted state service date in the format and by the deadline set by the agency.             Failure to do so will result in the employee's adjusted service date being set at the         date of their most recent hire.

c) If the employee is absent from work, he shall provide to the personnel specified by his agency, correct and current information as required by the agency on how he may be       reached at all times.

d) The employee shall respond to a relocation offer in a manner determined by the agency. Failure to do so shall be considered a declination of the offer.


e) For purposes of meeting the job qualifications of the relocation offer, an employee must have a grade from Civil Service only in the instance of an employee moving from a sub-professional level job to a professional level job. The employee must have the grade before the effective date of the layoff to be eligible for that position. The grade need not be active; it may be expired; however, it must be a grade for the test currently in use and must be verifiable.


f) Once an employee accepts or declines a relocation offer, the decision is final.