Common Questions on Health and Insurance

Q:Where to I go when I am sick or hurt?

A: You should go to the Thomason Health Center on our campus. Ph: 985-549-2241.

Treatment and outside referrals are available at the Health Center. For emergencies,

dial 2222 if on campus to get Campus Police and 911 for off-campus emergencies.


Q:If I am enrolled in the Student Health Insurance endorsed by Southeastern and I

need to see a doctor or health care professional outside the student health center,

where to do I go?

A: Since the Student Health Insurance is a preferred provider organization (PPO), you

should go to a doctor that is covered under the plan. A list of Preferred Providers is

available online at Lewer Mark's website for Southeastern at


Q:How do I file a claim while on the Southeastern Student Insurance Plan?

A: You should always bring your insurance card with you to the doctor or hospital upon your initial visit.  The facility will then contact the insurance company for you.  Remember that the insurance does not cover 100% of costs.  The amount left after the insurance covers your costs will be billed to you by the insurance company.  However, if you have questions about your claim, please contact Lewer Mark at 1-800-821-7710.


Q: After I have read my student insurance brochure, who can I question regarding

the plan?

A: Call Lewer Mark at 1-800-821-7710. The Thomason Health

Center and the ISO are unable to answer some specific benefit questions.


Q:How can I get an insurance ID card?

A: Insurance ID cards will be sent to the International Services Office for each new

student and can be picked up from the office. Students will be notified when the cards