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The office of Multicultural and International Student Affairs at Southeastern Louisiana University is committed to proving resources for faculty, staff and students that seek to heighten awareness of multiculturalism and the importance of an environment that supports multicultural education. Faculty and staff interested in evaluating classroom teaching styles and decorum may attain helpful tools and resources through our website. Information posted on our site may be reproduced freely for educational purposes only as long as credit is consistently given to the author of the works.


The IS and ISN'T of Multicultural Education

by Paul C. Gorski for EdChange and the Multicultural Pavilion


The IS and ISN'T of Multicultural Education
Multicultural Education ISN'T Multicultural Education IS
1. about everyone agreeing and getting along 1. about naming and eliminating the inequities in education
2. only applicable to Language Arts and History 2. a comprehensive approach for making education more inclusive, active, and engaging in all subject areas
3. a process of watering down good curriculum 3. a process for presenting all students with a more comprehensive, accurate understanding of the world
4. related only to curriculum reform 4. related to all aspects of education including pedagogy, counseling, administration, assessment and evaluation, research, etc.
5. only for teachers and students of color 5. for ALL students and educators
6. achieved though a series of small changes 6. achieved though the reexamination and transformation of all aspects of education
7. modeled through cultural bulletin boards, assemblies, or fairs 7. modeled through self-critique, self-examination, and cross-cultural relationship-building
8. the responsibility of culture-based student clubs or organizations 8. the responsibility of teachers, administrators, and school staff
9. a single in-service workshop 9. an on-going commitment



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