Disciplinary Forms

Preconference Form

    • This form should be completed by the accused student before their appointment date with the Conduct Authority. This form is used for both Housing and Student Advocacy and Accountability violations.

Case Process

    • A flow chart explaining the flow of a complaint through the conduct case process.

Advisor’s Role

    • This form should be completed by the student if they choose to have someone present with them at the Disciplinary Conference or Hearing. 

Hearing Board Guide

  • The Hearing Board Guide explains the hearing process and assists the complainant and respondent of their roles and reasons of participation in the greiveance process. 

Disclosure and Transfer/Background Forms

Authorization to release information to and from the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability

    • This release represents your written consent to disclose Student Conduct Records maintained by Southeastern Louisiana University to designated parties. 

Students transferring to Southeastern Louisiana University

    • This form must be completed by the appropriate official that handles student conduct  administration at the college or university that you are transferring from. Your application for transfer admission will not be processed until this form is returned. 

Students transferring to other Universities/Colleges

    • This form must be completed by the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability at Southeastern Louisiana University before you transfer to another college/university. 

Wellness Forms

Campus Wellness Acknowledgement Form

  • This form is to be filled out by the student as they return to campus from a hospital stay in order to assist in their return to campus.

Mental Health Assessment

  • This form is to be completed by a Licensed Mental Health Professional (i.e. Psychiatrist, Medical Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, or Medical Doctor). Please call (985) 549-2213 for any concerns regarding the procedures.