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Southeastern is committed to our students’ academic success and to providing the necessary resources to enhance the potential for their success. The Lion Intervention Network (LINK) is another way we can do just that – help students succeed. Developed to identify students who are facing academic challenges and/or personal crises that are hindering their academics, LINK can connect students with any extra help they might need along their educational paths to success. 

There are abundant resources available to students across campus. LINK will help connect students with those resources and empower them to take advantage of their benefits. Once received, an online link ( referral from faculty or staff will be reviewed to determine which resources are a good fit for that particular student. It will then be routed to the appropriate departments and team members so they can discreetly reach out to student to offer their services.

With your help, students can receive assistance with resources such as academic advising, personal counseling services, workshops, and campus involvement.