S.O.A.R. - Aim Higher

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Our Vision: 

Aimed to further a culture of care on Southeastern's campus for all students by promoting conscientious choices and personal success.

Our Mission:

To provide peer leadership and advocacy on a variety of public health concerns by hosting educational events and awareness campaigns; promoting healthier lifestyles and  advocating awareness to encourage positive community change and healthy choices.

Our Character:

  • Leadership - To inspire change in others
  • Integrity - To hold true to their own values and beliefs
  • Loyalty - To dedicate themselves to a greater cause by enhancing Southeastern
  • Honesty - To speak their minds on the issues at hand
  • Enthusiasm - To move forward with new and innovative projects
  • Confidence - To assert what is important to themselves. 


Requirements for membership:

  • Good disciplinary and academic standing, 2.0 GPA
  • Responsible and Reliable Character
  • Caring Attitude
  • Passionate about promoting healthy behaviors
  • Member dues are $10 (w/ shirt $15)


All classifications and majors are welcome to join!  

Become a member today!

Tuesday meetings at 5:00 pm, SU 2215