Biodiesel Plant


Southeastern's Going Green!


The Biodiesel Plant located at the Physical Plant began operating in July 2010. It produces diesel fuel from waste vegetable oil that is chemically reacted with an alcohol and can be used in the diesel engine. The biodiesel that is produced is being used in the Landscaping Equipment for the University to reduce waste stream and fuel costs. The project was funded through the University Technology Fee and will be used for student education.


Southeastern Louisiana University has utilized Biodiesel and mowed campus grounds with used cooking oil for four summers at a cost of $0.69 per gallon to produce.  Currently, production has been terminated, but the system is still available for educational purposes.


Contributer of used cooking oil includes ARAMARK Campus Dining. We thank our valued partner for their contributions.



Pumping grease into separator


Fueling Mower with Biodiesel


Clint Fueling Up