Sustainability Goals

Sustainability Goals



Renewable Energy:  80% off of the grid campus-wide by 2014 using renewable energy. 

                               Complete:  Energy Management system monitors and controls

                                campus buildings.

                                Solar thermal heating systems supplement Kinesiology

                                Building, Biology Building and Dyson Hall.

                                Photovoltaic tracking panels supplement Physical Plant office power.

                                Currently:  Exploring biomass electrical generation options for



Recycling:   Campus-wide 80% Recycled and 20% landfill waste by 2016.

               Phase 1:  Complete:  Reduce dumpsters on campus by 20% in 2012.

                                Baling Cardboard for resale.

                                Implemented single-stream recycling.

                                Processing used cooking into biodiesel. 

               Phase 2:  Reduce amount of dumpsters on campus by 40% in 2014.

                                Increase recycling participation. 

               Phase 3:  Reduce amount of dumpsters on campus by 20% in 2016.   


Sustainability Center:  Working educational facility.

               Phase 1:  Complete:  Photovoltaic panel installed for research.

                               First water-reclamation pond and irrigation pumping station installed.

                               Biodiesel processing plant installed.

               Phase 2:  Solar thermal heating for greenhouses to be completed June 2014. 

                                Interconnected water-reclamation pond to be completed June 2014.

               Phase 3:  Biomass electrical generation plant to be installed by 2018. 

                                Sustainable landscape installation.