Water Filling Stations Help Eliminate Plastic Bottle Collection

If you have used the new waterfilling stations being installed across campus, you should know that you are part of a new campaign to help eliminate the accumulation of plastic bottles.  These filling stations have already made a huge impact on plastic bottle reduction and a great impression with everyone using refillable bottles.  This method positively impacts the recycling program and reduces unsightly litter by reducing labor needs and beautifying our campus.  To make this campaign even more successful, the Sustainability Center is currently in the process of producing reusable water bottles through donated funding to the center.  

Note: If you see a yellow or red color light, please let us know at

Water Stations Locations:Fountain

- Fayard, 1st floor by STC
- Sims Library, 1-4th floor near to restrooms.
- Garret Hall, College of Business, 1st floor central.
- CATE Education Building, 1st floor and 2nd Floor  
- D. Vickers, 2nd floor by writing center and 3rd floor by professors offices.
- Dyson Hall, 1st floor central.
- Meade Hall 1st floor central.
- Pursley Hall, 1st floor central.
- Science Annex,  1st floor central.
- Pottle Music,  1st floor central.
- McClaims Hall, 1st floor central.
- Student Union, Cafeteria, 1-3th floor near to restrooms.
- Student Union Breeway,  by the restrooms.
- White Hall, 1st floor west side.
- Naquin center, 1st floor central.
- Pennington Center, 1st floor hall area, work out area, and 2nd floor.
- Biology, 2nd floor by room 213 
- Campbell Hall, 1st floor centralBottle
- Kinesiology, 1st floor by the gym and by professors offices.
- Pride Hall, by the kitchen area.
- McGehee Hall, 2nd floor.
- Mims Hall 1st floor and 2nd Floor 
- Admission 1st floor
- Financial Aid building by the restrooms
- Enrollment, 2nd floor central.
- Lab School first floor central and by the gym
- Physical Plant
- University Center 1st and 2nd Ring. 
- Nursing building Baton Rouge
- Small business 1st floor and 2nd Floor 



- St Tammany Hall 1st floor
- Washigton Hall 1st floor.
- Tangipahoa 2nd floor.
- Louisiana Hall 2nd floor.
- Pride Hall 1st floor and 2nd Floor 
- Hammond Hall 2nd floor.
- Oak Village Building M.
- Twelve Oaks, 1st Floor 

You can also see the stations in our sustainability map under Water Stations.    

To find out more about what you can do to help make this campaign successful or to ask about acquiring your reusable water bottle, contact us today at:


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