We Need Your Help Reducing Crime!

Our department strives to work with our community in recognizing and resolving crime and community issues. If you have information regarding crimes occurring on campus and would like to pass this information to us, please fill out the form (below.)


The form may also be used to contact our department regarding community issues which you feel we should address.


Please be as specific as possible when you fill out the form. Incomplete information may slow or prevent proper actions from being taken. Give the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the situation in detail as great as possible.If we cannot help with the situation, we will contact someone who can.



If the form is not working correctly, please E-mail the information to: police@southeastern.edu


The University Police Department is NOT the University Parking Office. For information about parking or parking tickets on campus, visit the University Parking web page or contact the University Parking Office by e-mail at parking@southeastern.edu.


Note regarding anonymous complaints:

At Southeastern Louisiana University Police Department, we encourage our community to pass us information they feel is relevant to the safety of the community. This information can be passed on an anonymous basis, if the person volunteering the information desires it to be so. However, if information is passed on an anonymous basis, the information must be corroborated through further investigation before action can be taken.


State v. Maynard, Supreme Court of Florida No. SC95782 (2001)
"An anonymous informant...considered unreliable because police usually do not know their basis of knowledge or the truthfulness of their information.Police would have to corroborate information from an anonymous tipster to justify..." taking action.


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