Uniform Patrol Division

The Uniform Patrol Division is the foundation of the University Police Department. This Division consists of four, 12-hour shifts providing officer presence 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Our patrol division is always on duty, even during weekends, holidays, natural disasters, and other times when the remainder of the University is closed.


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Uniformed officers may patrol in a motor vehicle, on foot, or on bicycle, depending on their assignment and weather conditions.


Snow on police car

 (even in the snow)


They are responsible for answering calls for assistance, protecting life and property, writing detailed reports on their findings, and conducting follow-up investigations. Commissioned through the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections, our police officers are trained to be professional and courteous as they perform their duties. As sworn law enforcement officers, they are vested with powers of arrest, are trained in CPR and first aid, and are armed.


Bike patrol officer


Our uniformed patrol officers are the first to respond to emergency calls on campus. We also have full-time officers stationed at the Baton Rouge Nursing Center, Livingston Parish Literacy and Technology Center, and St Tammany Center who are on-duty during times when classes are held.


Patrick Gipson, Police Lieutenant (Patrol and Community Education)
E-Mail: pgipson@southeastern.edu
Phone: 985-549-2009

George Giron, Police Sergeant (Patrol Shift Supervisor)
E-Mail: ggiron@southeastern.edu
Phone: 985-549-2774

Kevin Knudsen, Police Sergeant (Patrol Shift Supervisor)
E-Mail: kevin.knudsen@southeastern.edu
Phone: 985-549-2774

Brandon LeBlanc, Police Sergeant (Patrol Shift Supervisor)
E-Mail: bleblanc@southeastern.edu
Phone: 985-549-2774

William Smith, Police Sergeant (Patrol Shift Supervisor)
E-Mail: william.smith@southeastern.edu
Phone: 985-549-2774


Daniel Bergeron, Interim Police Sergeant (Patrol Shift Supervisor)

E-mail: daniel.bergeron@southeastern.edu

Phone: 985-549-2774


Elliot Barcelona

E-mail: elliot.barcelona@southeastern.edu

Phone: 985-549-2222


Kerkel Eckland

E-mail: keckland@southeastern.edu

Phone: 985-549-2222


John Edwards

E-mail: jonathan.edwards@southeastern.edu

Phone: 985-549-2222


Jourdan Hatcher

E-mail: Jourdan.hatcher@southeastern.edu

Phone: 985-549-2222


Basil Marie

E-mail: basil.marie@southeastern.edu

Phone: 985-549-2222


David Miller

E-mail: david.miller@southeastern.edu

Phone: 985-549-2222


John O’Hern

E-mail: John.ohern@southeastern.edu

Phone: 985-549-2222


Ronnie Plaisance

E-mail: Ronald.plaisance@southeastern.edu

Phone: 985-549-2222


Dominick Truehart

E-mail: Dominick.truehart@southeastern.edu

Phone: 985-549-2222


Gary Tullis

E-mail: gary.tullis@southeastern.edu

Phone: 985-549-2222