Message From the Interim Provost

It's Has Been a Quick, But Wonderful Year.

Good afternoon!
The last week of classes for the 2016-2017 academic year is coming to an end! Where did the time go?  It has been a quick, but wonderful year.
As an educator, this time of year has always been special to me. The recent orientation on April 20 reminded me of the 'freshness' of our incoming students. There's a lot of excitement but also a bit of anxiety and apprehension as they choose an area of study and schedule classes for the very first time. There is a big difference in those freshmen faces and the proud, confident faces of our upper-class students who have been recognized for goals attained at recent college convocations and student award ceremonies. These students often thank their parents and families, but mainly they thank you -- dedicated faculty who have shared knowledge and shaped futures.
Yesterday was a magical day. It began with faces of innocence, kindergartners from our lab school singing a version of Bob Marley's Every Little Thing's Gonna be Alright at the convocation for the College of Education. It continued with the proud faces of students being honored for their hard work, commitment and accomplishments. The day ended with the face of a master -- Professor Yokov Voldman conducting his farewell concert at the Columbia Theatre. It was perfection.
As I watched the faces of kindergartners, students, families and friends in attendance at these events -- I realized my favorite faces to watch were yours.  The faces of dedicated faculty filled with pride (that Lion pride!) as you recognized and celebrated the accomplishments of your students. Your genuine and continued devotion to our students is amazing!
The upcoming week of finals and final grading can be stressful for students and faculty, but as our kindergartners' reminded, it's gonna be alright. I hope your week will go smoothly and that you will soon find time to celebrate your accomplishments -- the success of another semester, another year knowing that you have made a difference in the lives of our students. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.
My very best,