Message from the Provost


Smarter than ever!

Our Summer Smart 2018 enrollment numbers have just been released and they look great!  In only our second year of the Summer Smart initiative we experienced our highest enrollment since summer 2014!
While Summer Smart 2017 showed growth, Summer Smart 2018 is even better. Our overall student numbers are up 6.9 percent, with undergraduate student growth at 6.2 percent and graduate student numbers increasing by 10.2 percent. The number of continuing Southeastern undergraduate students enrolled in the summer semester also increased by 8.9 percent.
This growth reflects the hard work and dedication of many, many people --- a true team effort! You have sent email reminders, made personal phone calls, displayed banners and enhanced advising efforts. You have promoted Summer Smart at orientations, in your classrooms and beyond. You have listened to our students and provided course offerings that are driven by student needs. You have made this happen.
Many, many thanks.