A New Meaning to March Madness!

March 12, 2020

Watching the news has become a surreal experience for me. What is usually a report of “the known” is now full of, “until further notice”, “at this time”, “for now”, and ”to be announced”, as leaders in all areas struggle to make and communicate decisions amid the uncertainty around COVID-19. The to-be-determined approach is running rampant, but I understand why.

In our own beautiful world of Southeastern, we also face uncertainties and there is much to be determined. But amidst all this uncertainty, I am still certain of this – we have an extraordinary community of dedicated faculty and staff who will band together and do whatever it takes to ensure a successful completion of the semester.

The Southeastern family will rise to the occasion as we always do. Thank you for your patience and the work you will do as we all continue to find a method in this madness.
More to come.


My best,