Approving Services for Payment and Conttractor Invoicing


  • The Contract Coordinator shall be required to acknowledge receiving services through RECEIPTS in the PeopleSoft Financial System for services completed or partially rendered to process any payment to the contractor. Exceptions such as contractors in the Teachers Retirement System of Louisiana (TRSL) may have to be handled outside the PeopleSoft Financial System. Any exceptions requiring deviation from the Financial System must be coordinated and agreed in advance with the Purchasing Department.


  • An invoice in original form should be submitted to the Southeastern Payables Department (SLU 10720) for the following types of Contractors:

    Lecturers, speakers, entertainers, musicians, lawyers, doctors, dentists, accountants, veterinarians, architects, engineers, landscape architects, claims adjusters, consultants and any other Contractor types.

    If the contractor cannot generate an invoice on his or her own, then the contract coodinator may prepare one for the contractor and have the contractor sign the prepared invoice.


Contracts specifying reimbursement for travel and other reimbursable expenses must be invoiced by Contractor and appropriate receipts submitted in accordance with the current Louisiana Travel Guide.


  • Invoices. Upon completion of services as outlined in the contract for payment and the satisfactory approval of the services by the Contract Coordinator, the contractor shall bill Southeastern by means of a valid invoice and the invoice should make reference to the service contract. Invoices should be submitted by the contractor on the contractor's own invoice forms, in duplicate, to the Contract Coordinator for approval.


Note: The Louisiana State Legislative Auditor has instructed Southeastern a valid invoice shall be original in form. If the invoice is a carbon or photocopy, then the vendor should state in ink on the invoice copy "This is a true copy of the original" and sign beneath the statement.


  • Payment. State Regulations outline for agencies to process payment within (30) days after completion and accpetance of services, and receipt of a bonafide invoice. Contracts should not be negotiated to have a check available on the day of the performance, lecture, event, etc., or in a time frame shorter than (30) days after services performed or completed.



Note: If a contract must be negotiated to have a check issued prior to services being rendered, then the Contract Coordinator must submit the following to the Director of Purchasing at least thirty (30) days prior to the contract's commencement date justifying sound reason the contractor must be paid outside the financial system's standard operating procedures. An exception to be considered will be subject to several administrative approvals above the Director of Purchasing level.