Submission Of Completed Contract

1.   For contracts over $2,000, the Contract Coordinator shall submit at least one (1) original contract signed by the Contractor to the Purchasing Department for securing Administration signature. In addition, a requisition shall be entered in the Financial System with the contract scanned and attached to the requisition. For contracts up to $2,000, the contract shall be scanned in the Financial System with no requirement to send an original to Purchasing.


If the Contractor shall require an original of the contract for the Contractor's record, then two (2) originally signed contracts prepared in duplicate shall be forwarded to the Purchasing Department.


2.   The system requisition shall indicate the total amount to be paid under the contract, and the budget unit and the appropriate general ledger account category to be charged:


  • 550100 -- Professional Services Accounting and Auditing
  • 550300 -- Professional Services Engineering and Architectural
  • 550400 -- Professional Services Legal
  • 550500 -- Professional Services Medical
  • 550700 -- Professional Services Other (most personal, professional and consulting contracts if not listed above)
  • 550800 -- Professional Travel (when travel, lodging, meals and related travel expenses are to be reimbursed)


The requisition amount will be encumbered by the Financial System for verification of funding. If a budget adjustment is in process, then a photocopy of the budget adjustment should be attached to the the actual signed contract to communicate that funding is being adjusted and will be available shortly.