Who May Not Contract With Southeastern

Employees, graduate assistants, student workers, students, or businesses of employees may not be contracted by any department (agency) of Southeastern. Contact Financial Aid if students are needed to be hired. See Payroll for EEO/AAP Form No. 5.01P in such instances where additional services are needed by employees, graduate assistants, or student workers.

See Legal & Ethic Concerns & Statutes Concerning Contracts.

Immediate family members and their businesses may be contracted, but not by, or services provided for, the faculty/staff employee's department (agency). In such instances, the faculty/staff employee is prohibited from participation in any manner associated with the service contract.

See Legal & Ethic Concerns.

Former employees, during the two year period following the termination of service of the employee, may not assist another for compensation, in a transaction, or in an appearance in connection with a transaction involving the University in which the former public employee participated while employed by the University nor may the former employee provide on a contractual basis to the former employee's department (agency), any service he provided while employed there.

See Legal & Ethic Concerns.