Purchase Guideline

Purchase Guideline Topics

ABC Purchasing Basics

Addenda Modifying Formal Bids

Administration Requirements for

  Grants and Agreements

Advertising In External Sources

Agreements, Authority To Sign

Artificial Division Of Purchases

Awards, Plaques & Trophies

Bid Preparation Time

Bidding Requirements

Bidding Time

Books, Purchase of

Bus Charters

Business Cards

Cellular Phone Policy

Computer Hardware Purchases

Construction & Renovation Work

Contracts, Authority To Sign

Convention & Meeting Facilities

Contractors, Louisiana Licensed

Data Processing Purchases

Deposits, Donations & Loans

Dividing or Splitting Purchases

Emergency Purchase

Equipment Maint Mgmt Program

Equipment Repairs and Parts

Ethic & Legal Concerns

Expenditure Codes

Federal Express

Fireworks Display Requirements

Fiscal Year-End Deadline

Food & Beverage Purchase Policies

Food Services

FOB Title & Freight Terms

Forms Available

Forms, Printing of

Frequently Asked Questions

Furniture, Classroom & Office

Helpful Website Links

How to Purchase Responsibly

Indemnification Agreement

Insurance Requirements

Invoices and Invoicing Southeastern

Legal & Ethic Concerns

Locate Products & Vendors

Logos & Trademarks, Southeastern


Memberships in Organizations

Minority-Owned Businesses

Office Supply Purchases

Open Market Purchases

Parcel Services

Personal, Professional & Consulting Services

Petty Cash Reimbursement Requests

Photocopying & Copying Services

Plaques, Trophies & Other Awards

Pre-Bid or Pre-Proposal Conferences

Printing Services, Off-set

Procurement Card Program

Prohibited Expenditures By Law Or Policy

Proprietary Purchase

Publications and/or Copyrighted Materials

Public Work Contracts

Purchases Requiring Prepayment

Purchasing Terms & Definitions

Receipt Procedure

Receiving and Inspecting Deliveries

Record Retention Schedule

Reimbursement Requests

Renovation & Construction Work

Repairs and Parts, Equipment

Requisition Procedure

Research Purchase Exemption Up To $25,000

Rules And Regulations

Small and Emerging Businesses Directory

Small Entrepreneurship (Hudson Initiative)

Software & Software Related Purchases

Sole Source Situations

Specs Needed For Equipment Purchase

Splitting or Dividing Purchases

State Buying Sources

State Contracts

Subscriptions To Publications & Services

Taxes, Sales & Use (LA State & Local)

Telecommunication Related Purchases

Telephone Equipment

Term Contract Purchases

Training Menu

Trophies, Plaques & Other Awards

Vehicle Purchases

Vendors, Louisiana Licensed

Women-Owned Businesses