Ethic Advisory Rulings and Opinions

This page is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to address every ethic situation which may occur by its own unique circumstances. It is an employee's responsibility to inform department level supervision or higher of a potential conflict or to solicit advisory assistance from the Louisiana Ethics Administration Program or the Louisiana Office of Contractual Review.


Ethics Rulings:

2005-385 Former Band Director Reimbursed for Meals that were Never Purchased
2003-973 Chancellor Receives Payments from Foundation Affiliated w/University
1996-369 Employee Conflict of Interest with Ownership in Business
1995-169 Nepotism and Employee Conflict of Interest with Ownership in Business


Ethics Advisory Opinions:

Situations Involving University

2000-270  Can University Pay Scholars and Poets from Other Universities

1999-428  Can University Contract with Hospital when One of its Doctorsthe

President's Son

1999-236  Can University Give Legislators Lunch Box with Message and Bag Lunch Inside

1998-694  Can University Buy Software Developed At Faculty Member's Other Employment

1998-372  Can University Contract with Chamber of Commerce when Agency Head Member

University Employees (Faculty & Staff)

2005-690 Can Employee's Company Transact Business With University

2003-519 Can Faculty Member Business Sell Musical Supplies to Band Students

2002-294 Can Faculty Member Become a Provider for Clinical Evaluation Program

2002-143 Can Faculty Member Run for Governor

2002-035 Can Faculty Member Also Serve as OCS Provider

2001-571 Can Employees Receive Awards Coordinated by University Foundation

2001-086 Can State Employee Teach Online Courses at University

2000-858 Can Faculty Member Secure Design Commissions at University Employed With

2000-306 Can Employees in Computer Support Sell Computer Equipment to University

1999-903 Can Faculty Member Receive Royalties on Sale of Textbook

1999-421 Can State Employee Teach Courses For Program Monitored at University

1999-308 Can Employee Receive Travel Funds Up-Front from Private Company

1998-686 Can Employee Receive Honorarium and Travel Reimbursement as Speaker

1998-592 Can Employee Paid By University Administered Grant Seek School Board Position

1998-581 Can Employee Continue Giving Seminars with Former Business Association

1998-512 Can Employee Run and be Elected to Parish School Board

1997-873 Can Employee Accept Free Meals from Private Business on Campus

1997-691 Can Employee be Paid Free Meals from Business on Campus for Assistance

Immediate Family Members of Employees

1999-902 Can Immediate Family Member Volunteer at University

1999-419 Can Immediate Family Member be Employed Under Same Vice Chancellor

1998-440 Can Immediate Family Member be Contracted by University

1998-432 Can Immediate Family Member Business Sell to the University

1997-509 Can Immediate Family Member be Contracted as Guest Lecturer

1997-389 Can Immediate Family Member of Dean be Employed within the Same College

1997-241 Can Immediate Family Member Sell and Provide Service to College of Education

Former Employees of University

2006-038 Can Former Faculty Member Be Contracted to Teach in Continuing Education

2001-842 Can Former State Employee Assist Current Employer To Administer Contract

2000-521 Can Former State Employee Assist with Transactions with New Employer

2000-133Can Former State Employee Contract Counseling and Social Services To University

1998-360 Can Former Agency Head Work in Sales for a Company Selling to the University

1998-064 Can Former Faculty Member Provide Consulting Services with State Agencies

1998-053 Can Former Employee's Company Subcontract with University

1998-038 Can Former Agency Head Family Member Transact Business with University

1998-017 Can Former State Employee Perform Services on Grant as University Employee

1997-231 Can Former Agency Head Assist Employer with Insurance Business at University

Businesses Transacting with University

2000-759 Can Business Bid and Receive Subsequent Contract at University

2000-523 Can Business with Employee Conduct Promotional Give-Aways at Game half-time

1997-816 Can Business on Campus Give Employee Incentive Awards Through Foundation

Government Employee Accepting Door Prizes

2001-383 Can Government Employee Accept Door Prize Given at Luncheon Meeting

2000-564 Can Government Employee Accept Door Prize Given at Luncheon Meeting

1999-148 Can Government Employee Accept Door Prize Provided by Vendor Exhibitor Booth


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