Purchasing Laws

R.S. 9:2778   Public contracts; certain provisions invalid


R.S. 12:205   (See Section E(1) for Disclosure of Ownership Required for In-State Corporations Contracting with State)


R.S. 12:301    Foreign Corporations Law


R.S. 12:304   (See Section 11(a) for Disclosure of Ownership Required for Foreign Corporations Contracting with State)


R.S. 17:3355  Contracts and purchases; livestock shows and rodeos; food services


R.S. 17:3361  Authority of boards to execute leases


R.S. 24:523    Notification of the legislative auditor and district attorney


R.S. 38:2195  Prohibited provisions (agency cannot assume liability in contracts for others)


R.S. 39:128    Exemptions (Exempts university minor repairs, renovation and construction projects from capital outlay up to $500,000)


R.S. 39:1497  Certification by using agency


R.S. 39:1498  Approval of contract; penalties


R.S. 39:1498.2 Professional, personal, and consulting service contracts with state employees


R.S. 39:1549  Worker's Compensation programs; discrimination prohibited


R.S. 39:1671   Pre-Litigation Resolution of Controversies


R.S. 39:1695   Late payment to business; penalty paid by state agency


R.S. 39:1701   Definitions of terms used in this Part


R.S. 39:1702   Cooperative purchasing authorized; participation in federal General Services Administration vendor list


R.S. 43:1          Purchase of printing and engraving; central purchasing; Louisiana Procurement Code; power and authority of chief procurement officer


R.S. 43:31      Printed matter prohibitions; uniform standards; election material


R.S. 49:950    Administrative Procedure (Adjudication Proceedings)


R.S. 51:224    Educational institutions (prohibits use of official name, symbol, seal or logo)