Pennington Student Activity Center

The Pennington Center is undergoing an *EXPANSION* of the fitness room! Anticipated complete date is set for Fall 2019.

We're demo-ing one racquetball court and a previously unfinished space to create more functional workout areas for our students and members. The eventual space will open up into our current fitness room and add close to 2,000 square feet. We've also included the removal of the half-walls in our current fitness room area, and we're purchasing new equipment to fill this expansion.


Expansion Timeline

July 15-18, 2019

The half-walls in the fitness room are going to be removed the week of July 15-18. Due to the construction, our entire fitness room will remain closed from July 15-18. 


July 1, 2019

The ceiling grid has begun installation! 

expansion pic 5 grid ceiling


June 25, 2019

The center support column has been wrapped and sheet rock has been installed in the previously unfinished area.

expansion pic 3 column cover




June 17, 2019

Expansion efforts began with removing the wall between our second racquetball court and our previously unfinished space. The back wall of the racquetball court is where this space will open into the current fitness room. expansion pic 1 wall down

expansion pic 2 wall down