Intramural Guidelines

In line with current state and public policies, Southeastern Louisiana University Intramurals will adhere to the guidelines listed below. 


 All Intramural Sports and Events

    1. All participants, staff and spectators will wear a mask at all times. (indoor or outdoor)
    2. Spectators will be limited for each sport
    3. All sign ups must be done on IMleagues prior to the event. All rosters must be filled out in their entirety to verify student eligibility. You must show your student ID to play but will not turn in your student ID to staff.
    4. You will not be allowed to enter the park or court until 15 minutes prior to your scheduled start time.
    5. Intramural Staff will spray disinfectant, (clean) hard surfaces such as benches, chairs, and balls between games.
    6. In IMleagues, all participants must acknowledge the rules and guidelines.  We will do a video this year with the COVID guidelines that they will watch and acknowledge for them to register for the event.  They will also have to acknowledge the individual event rules as they normally would.
    7. An Intramural supervisor will be on site at all times overseeing that everyone is following the correct guidelines.
    8. Each intramural participant must receive a Rapid Covid Test on the same week as their scheduled game before they can play. Test will be administered by the University Health Center. Only participants who have a negative COVID test will be able to participate in their intramural game that night.
    9. To set up an appointment: you must download the NAVICA app. Also visit for more info.

 Outdoor Sports

    1. We will have virtual captain’s meetings before the season starts to make sure everyone understands the new policies and guidelines.
    2. No group huddles between teams will be permitted on the field.
    3. Encourage physical distancing between teams in effect beyond the field of play.
    4. NO handshakes at the end of the game. NO high fives during the game.
    5. Only one game will be scheduled at a time.
    6. Games will last 45 minutes. The following game will start 15 minutes later. This allows everyone to leave before the next players arrive.
    7. EVERYONE attending games MUST wear a protective face covering.
    8. ALL players, coaches, spectators, and IM staff must always wear a protective face covering before, during, and after a game. This means while participating and in the dugout.
    9. The Assistant Director for Competitive Sports will be on site for the majority of the games and the Director will also be present during different times throughout the season.

 Indoor Sports

    1. Entrance and exit procedures will be in place for accessing the courts.
    2. Social distance practices will be enforced while waiting to play your match.
    3. Only 50 spectators will be allowed into the gymnasium (event area) which is considered two courts.  Chairs will be provided, staying six feet apart.  The carpeted bleachers and metal bleachers will have tape marking the seating areas. 


These guidelines are subject to change based on policies set forth by Governor John Bel Edwards, the Louisiana Department of Health, and the University of Louisiana system.