Federal Express Policy and Procedure

RECOMMEND THE EMPLOYEE'S PROCUREMENT CARD BE USED WHENEVER POSSIBLE TO MORE EFFICIENTLY AND EFFECTIVELY PROCESS PAYMENT. If an employee's procurement card is not used, the policies and procedures to follow shall apply.




Faculty, Staff or Departments

  • May contact Federal Express directly to ship outgoing express letters and packages.

  • MUST use the University's Federal Express account for shipping any letters and packages to be paid with University managed funds.

  • Can obtain the University's Federal Express account number from their assigned procurement specialist.

  • MUST not establish individual or departmental accounts with Federal Express if payment is to be made with University managed funds.

  • MUST forward an AUTHORIZATION TO PAY form ( online version) to the Purchasing Department no later than (1) working day of FEDEX pickup.

  • MUST understand Federal Express allows a very small time window for payment of invoices.

  • MUST understand Federal Express can and will suspend FEDEX pickups on the University's account should payments become delinquent.




Faculty, Staff and Departments

  1. Shall verify sufficient funds are or will be available in expenditure category (539600). Budget adjustment should be done no later than (1) working day following shipment or receipt, if necessary.

  2. Shall give Federal Express the shipper's name and department on FEDEX airbill (i.e. Dale Smith, Science Dept).

  3. Shall complete an AUTHORIZATION TO PAY form ( online version) for each FEDEX letter or package sent or received (if an approved charge).

  4. Shall indicate on the Authorization to Pay form the estimated amount to be paid for the service and the budget unit to be charged.

  5. Shall secure the signature of the budget unit head on the Authorization to Pay form (copy version).

  6. Shall be signed and dated by the individual sending or receiving the express letter or package in the Affirmation of Receipt section.

  7. Shall be forwarded to the Purchasing Department's campus mailbox (10800) or online emailed no later than (1) working day following shipment or receipt.




The Southeastern Purchasing Department

  • WILL adjust the estimated FEDEX charge to the actual invoiced amount. If adjustment required exceeds 25% of estimate or charge, then the purchasing agent will contact the shipper or billed receiver before processing payment.

  • WILL charge the budget unit of the department head of the faculty or staff member for failure to forward AUTHORIZATION TO PAY form within (5) working days of email notification.


 For assistance concerning the University's FEDERAL EXPRESS account or FEDEX billing, contact Purchasing at ext. 2064.