Top 10 Responsibilities

Important Keys for Southeastern Faculty and Staff Employees


  1. Consult routinely Central Receiving webpage for deliveries, returns, and shipment

  2. Give Supplier the Central Receiving delivery address for all non-express shipments.
     No personal packages containing hazardous material will be delivered to the University.

  3. Any package which needs Direct Express Delivery must be addressed to the exact locale
    that the package is to be delivered. For Example: Individual’s name, Street address,
    Bldg number, and Room number must be included on package.

  4. When ordering, inform Vendor of your name, department, building and purchase order

  5. Open package with care to avoid damage in case the package will need to be returned,
    it will need to be kept in original contents.

  6. Inspect package deliveries for damage upon receiving package. Report concealed damage
    to Central Receiving within 1 working day of inspection.

  7. Retain equipment packaging/carton for at least 90 days should return be necessary.

  8. Complete a receipt in Workday within (2) working days of delivery. (via Purchase Order)

  9. Email Central Receiving immediately of any problems or incorrect deliveries needing

  10. Obtain a Return Authorization Number  prior to Receiving making pickup on any return,
    include it on package.