2001-2002 Course Descriptions


LISTED BELOWare links to a list of courses offered by departments of the University. In addition, courses numbered 199, 299 and 399 may be offered by any department in selected topics via radio, television, newspaper or other media. No credit will be granted unless the student has been duly registered and the student's name appears on the instructor's class roster.


Courses numbered 0 to 99 are developmental and credits earned may not be used to satisfy degree requirements. Courses numbered 100 to 199 are primarily for freshmen, 200 to 299 are primarily for sophomores, and 300 to 499 are primarily for juniors and seniors. Graduate credit is awarded for courses numbered 500, 600 and 700. Listing a 300 or 400 level course along with a companion 500 number indicates that undergraduate students register for the lower number and graduate students register for the upper number. Courses numbered 600 and 700 are open to graduate students only. Bracketed [ ] numbers indicate a previous identification of a course. Curricula are arranged so that students are to register for appropriate level courses each year. An H after a course number in this Catalogue or in the Class Schedule Bulletin (e.g., English 121H, History 102H) designates an Honors course.


Minimum Length for Academic Courses.
For one semester hour of credit, a class shall meet a minimum of 750 minutes in no less than five days. For two semester hours of credit, a class should meet a minimum of 1,500 minutes in no less than ten days. A three semester hour course should meet a minimum of 2,250 minutes in no less than 15 days. Final exam periods may be counted as class time when computing required minutes and required days.


College of Arts & Sciences

Biological Sciences
Chemistry & Physics
Foreign Languages & Literatures
History & Political Science
Music & Dramatic Arts
Sociology & Criminal Justice
Visual Arts


College of Basic Studies

Junior Division
Transitional Studies


College of Business & Technology

Computer Science
General Business
Industrial Technology
Marketing & Finance


College of Education & Human Development

Educational Leadership Technology & Foundations
Human Development
Teaching & Learning


College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Communication Sciences & Disorders
Kinesiology & Health Studies
School of Nursing


Other Departments

Honors Program
Library Science