Southeastern Louisiana Army ROTC

Welcome to the Jaguar Battalion Army ROTC program at Southeastern.

 We are back!

An agreement between the United States Army Cadet Command and the Louisiana Army National Guard allowed the Southeastern Louisiana University’s Army ROTC program to return in the Spring of 2016 as an extension of the Southern “Jaguar Battalion” Army ROTC program. We encourage anyone considering service in the military or simply looking for an opportunity to enhance their leadership characteristics to research our program. These skills are essential to military service and can assist with furthering your civilian leadership or management opportunities.

Through the Jaguar Battalion at Southeastern, you will learn from some of the best cadres within the United States Army Cadet Command. No military obligation for the first two years. However, if you desire to continue throughout the remainder of your college career, you will earn the opportunity to commission as a Second Lieutenant (2LT) in the Active Duty Army, Army National Guard, or Army Reserves, in a variety of skills (Branches).