Travel Grants

Southeastern's Student Government Association awards Travel Grants to provide an opportunity for Southeastern students to enhance both their academic and leadership skills.  Up to $500.00 for one or two students and up to $1,000.00 for three or more students may be awarded toward the cost of any such travel.  In order for the grant to be awarded, a bill to fund the grant must be written and passed by the Student Government Association Senate.  See the image below for an overview of the process:


Travel Grants Flowchart 


Travel Grant Process Steps

Step 1

8 - 10 weeks before travel, schedule informational meeting with Student Government Association Graduate Assistant

Step 2


At least 7 weeks before travel, submit travel grant application

Step 3

1 week after application is submitted, receive dates to present at Appropriations and Senate meetings

Step 4

2 - 3 weeks after application is submitted, present at Appropriations Committee meeting

Step 5

2 - 3 weeks after application is submitted, present at Senate meeting

Step 6

Within 1 day of the Senate meeting, notified of bill pass/fail; receive list of forms and timeline to complete

Step 7

At least 3 weeks before travel, submit pre-travel forms to SGA GA

Step 8

At least 2 weeks before travel, faculty advisor completes Spend Authorization with supporting documents

Step 9

Within 5 days after travel, meet with SGA GA to bring post-travel documentation



For more detailed information on the Travel Grants process, click here.


You must first attend a grant application information meeting with the Student Government Association Graduate Assistant before you can apply to receive a grant.  To schedule your meeting, click the button below:


Grant Information Meeting Request Button


Once you have had your informational meeting with the Student Government Association Graduate Assistant, you can submit your application by clicking on the button below:


Grant Application Button