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Welcome to the St. Tammany Center


What can you do at the St. Tammany Center?

  • Register at the St. Tammany Center
    - Current and prospective students may complete the registration process at the St. Tammany Center for all Southeastern classes. Admission, health information and other relevant college forms are available at the St. Tammany Center. Student identification cards, textbooks, and parking passes must be obtained at the main campus in Hammond. Click here for Directions to the St. Tammany Center.
  • Take Southeastern Credit Courses at St. Tammany -Southeastern's St. Tammany Center offers a convenient way for you to complete some of your Southeastern Credit Courses. Students may enroll in and attend many of Southeastern's core curriculum classes at the St. Tammany Center. Each semester, approximately 1500 students attend several different classes ranging from Art to Zoology. To accommodate your school and work schedule the Center offers both day and night classes as well as electronically delivered classes. Here is the list of credit courses offered for Spring 2012 at the St. Tammany Center.
  • Take Non-Credit Courses -- Continuing U - The St. Tammany Center offers Non-Credit and leisure courses each Spring and Fall semester. Click here to visit the Division of Extended Studies for a full list of classes offered at all locations.
  • Benefit from our Excellent Facilities - The St. Tammany Center offers a free wireless environment and has a total of 15 classrooms. The 15 classrooms include 2 computer labs equipped with internet access, MS Office products, and a fully equipped chemistry and biology lab. Five rooms are equipped with instructor computer projection systems.



St. Tammany Center Payment Policies

  • Credit Classes - Pay fees online only. No tuition payments accepted.
  • Non-Credit Classes - Check and money order payment only. No cash payments allowed.