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Student Conduct Mission and Philosophy


Our Mission

The mission of Student Conduct is to support and enhance the University's mission and core values by promoting a safe, orderly, and civil University environment through conduct standards, disciplinary processes, training, and intervention efforts. Student Conduct enhances an overall educational experience for students by providing a fair and consistent conduct process that encourages student learning and development.



Our Philosophy Cropped Gavel

To embrace the opportunity to educate a student who violates the Student Code of Conduct by applying appropriate action that modifies and redirects inappropriate behavior into productive behavior.



Our Campaigns

Know the Code- Familiarize yourself with University

                          rules and regulations.


Live the Code- Be the best you can be!


R.O.A.R. "Reach Out and Respond" - What can you do to stay safe?


Report It!  Help keep our campus safe, orderly and civil.