S.O.A.R. - Aim Higher


S.O.A.R. - Student Outreach and Advocacy Representatives is a departmental group through the Office of Student Conduct designed to assist in peer-on-peer educational initiatives. This group will be appointed to support the department's mission of advocating prevention and bringing awareness to the campus community. 

Student Outreach and Advocacy Representatives can further a culture of care on Southeastern's campus by helping to host events, educational forums, and prevention awareness campaigns that speak on topics that student's need to hear.

Members of S.O.A.R. are expected to exemplify in their lives characteristics of:

  • Leadership - To inspire change in others
  • Integrity - To hold true to their own values and beliefs
  • Loyalty - To dedicate themselves to a greater cause by enhancing Southeastern
  • Honesty - To speak their minds on the issues at hand
  • Enthusiasm - To move forward with new and innovative projects
  • Confidence - To assert what is important to themselves. 


The requirements for membership are:

  • Good disciplinary and academic standing,
  • Full-time student status (12 hours or more Fall and Spring)
  • Responsible/Reliable
  • Caring Attitude
  • Passionate about promoting healthy behaviors

All classifications and majors are welcome to join!

If you are interested in becoming a part of this student organization, please email Antoinette Alack, S.O.A.R. Advisor at aalack@selu.edu.