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FeLions Luncheon, September 10

FeLions Luncheon, September 30

FeLions Luncheon

October 15

FeLions Luncheon, November 5

FeLions Luncheon, November 18

FeLions Luncheon, December 3



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Female Enthusiasts for Southeastern Athletics


                      f.e. Lions Creed

            With tremendous enthusiasm, I declare

             My vow to stand tall, while I learn it all,

                 About football and its many parts

             As a Female Enthusiast with Lion Pride


                              Go f.e. Lions!



          For information on how to join the f.e. Lions
                   please contact Libby Covington
                      email: libcov@yahoo.com
                        phone: 985-748-4717
                      Click here to join on-line