Upcoming Events:


FeLions Salute the Lions, August 18.
FeLions Luncheon, August 28.
FeLions Luncheon, September 4.
FeLions Luncheon, October 1.
FeLions Luncheon, October 16.
FeLions Luncheon, November 5.
FeLions Luncheon, November 13.
FeLions Luncheon, December 4.


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Female Enthusiasts for Southeastern Athletics


f.e. lions Creed

With tremendous enthusiasm, I declare

My vow to stand tall, while I learn it all,

About football and its many parts

As a Female Enthusiast with Lion Pride


Go f.e. lions!


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please contact Libby Covington
email: libcov@yahoo.com
phone: 985-748-4717
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