A message from our new Board President

Dickie WhitsonWhat is it that brings a broad smile to your face when you reflect on your collegiate experiences at Southeastern? Was it attending your favorite athletic games, performing arts events, Greek socials, or Homecoming week? Perhaps the satisfaction realized from coordinating a successful SGA program, overachieving in a challenging curriculum, or building mutually respectful relations with your professors? Or maybe meeting students from diverse backgrounds, developing lifelong friendships, or study groups that were more social than study over seemingly endless cups of coffee.

Regardless, what do you suppose is the golden thread woven through the tapestry of your experiences that draws together your colorful memories? In a word, ENGAGEMENT. Can we agree the common denominator in the formula resulting in the most enjoyable experiences from our social, professional, spiritual, and family lives is our level of engagement?

As the newly installed SLU Alumni Association Board President, I encourage you to become engaged, or even further engaged with OUR Alumni Association. Engage in your local area and/or organization’s chapter; advance your career or mentor other alumni by engaging in our networking programs. The engagement of your family in Southeastern sponsored events will foster a lifetime of fond memories. And encourage your old college friends to engage in reminiscing about the good ol’ days at our next alumni event.

Be SOUTHEASTERN PROUD by being engaged! LION UP!


Wednesday, July 3, 2019 9:06:16 AM CDT

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