College of Business

College of Business


2005 Distinguished Alumnus: Kevin Osterberger


Mr. Osterberger  received his B.A. in Marketing from Southeastern in 1982. Upon graduation, he spent several years in Baton Rouge gaining experience as the construction manager for Circle K Food Stores in Phoenix, Arizona managing a seven state region. Experience gained in that position led him to a construction management position with Conoco, Inc. in Denver, Colorado where he managed a 40 million dollar budget and later joined their marketing department as an account manager and moved to Spokane Washington where he now resides.

He recognized that  exceeding Conoco company goals would inevitably mean a move to corporate headquarters and away from Spokane so Kevin began to diversify his business endeavors. Relying on his experience and business acumen, Kevin created West Plains Conoco, a highway travel plaza consisting of a gas station, car wash, laundry mat and Burger King restaurant which he owns and operates today. A few years later he started West Plains Auto, an importer of motor vehicles from Canada into the U.S. for the purpose of selling the vehicles at wholesale auctions. At the time the U.S. currency exchange was very favorable for this kind of business. Then in 2000, Kevin became the CEO of U.S. CASHexpress, Inc., a business that, in his own words, "Banks the un-bankable" by providing check cashing wire service, money orders, and Pay Day loans.

His endeavors since leaving Southeastern have taken him to seven different cities, but he now calls Spokane, Washington home.