College of Education and Human Development

College of Education and Human Development


2003 Distinguished Alumnus: Leonard Monteleone


When Lenny Monteleone first joined the Alumni board in 1999, he was quiet and reserved in his approach to his role as a board member but he was always willing to assist in any way needed. He contributed innumerable hours to the board and the Board received  two workers instead of one. He and his wife, Lynn, were always enthusiastic in working to lend a hand to all the events sponsored by the Alumni Association.

Mr. Monteleone was the board's St. Tammany connection. He worked in various roles in education and worked his way up to  the St. Tammany Superintendent of Schools. He knew everyone and although he was always busy, he never failed to make time to be at every St. Tammany function and any other university function to represent the Alumni Board. He was one of those quiet giants who made things happen. He looked out for everyone's best interest and always found a compromise that made the situation work.

He learned his work ethic from his father, a cobbler who was an expert in his trade and a gentleman well liked and respected by the community. He learned the quality of gentleness from his mother who greeted everyone she met with a shy smile and kind words. From his sister Karen, who lived with Down's syndrome, he learned patience and understanding. His brother, Joe, and sister, Dee and Lenny were always there for each other forming a strong family unit while growing up and into their adult years.

Lenny acquired his love of life and that quiet mischievousness from his high school friends who remained his best friends throughout his life.

God blessed Lenny with his soul mate, Lynn, who gave him two wonderful sons to brighten their life together.

Lenny's contributions in his chosen field of education are well known and he has made Southeastern proud to call him one of our own.