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College of Business


2004 Distinguished Alumnus: R.K. Hoddinott III


r.k. hoddinott iii

Mr. Hoddinott is a 1977 graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University's College of Business. Immediately after graduation, he moved to New York and worked as a stockbroker on Wall Street. After three years in New York, he returned to New Orleans to work for Merrill Lynch where he has been employed for the last 23 years. He is presently a Vice President, Senior Financial Advisor, and Certified Financial Manager for Merrill Lynch where he leads a team of financial advisors.


If success can be measured in generosity, then R.K. Hoddinott III has been extremely successful. An accomplished businessman, he has often said that what is important to him is giving back to the "relationships" that have given so much to him, Southeastern being a primary beneficiary of his generosity. Though the years he has not forgotten his university, but rather insisted on keeping it a major part of his life. He has hosted many functions in New Orleans to bring Southeastern Alumni together. He has introduced Southeastern to many of the successful, philanthropic individuals he has come in contact with over the years. One of his most generous acts resulted in adopting and naming a conference room for student organizations in the College of Business after his young daughter, Shelli. R.K. Hoddinott III was also one of the first alumni to step up and make a generous contribution to build the new Alumni Center a number of years ago.

Mr. Hoddinott has served on many boards. The ones that are most meaningful to him are Southeastern Development Foundation, the LSU Medical Center, and the Kaken American Foundation for Tulane University – all university affiliated boards. Clearly, education and helping others get the educational opportunities he has benefited from are of great importance to him. R.K. is dedicated to giving back to Southeastern; the university that he states "helped him to have the knowledge, skills, and ability to become successful in business."

A valued business and community leader,  R.K. Hoddinott wants nothing more than to help people lead better physical, emotional, educational, and financial lives.