Lion Legacy


"We as students need to support the Lion Legacy program and do our part so that we can give back to the institution that's providing our foundation for the rest of our lives."

Christopher McKinley, '12

Organizational Communication



"Southeastern has afforded me many opportunities both academically and socially.  I donate to Lion Legacy so that other students can receive the same opportunities that have been generously given to me."

Taylor Petit, '15


Lion Legacy Student Giving Campaign




The mission of Lion Legacy is to promote a spirit of philanthropy - the giving of time, talent, and treasure - throughout the student body that will last beyond the years spent at Southeastern.


The goals of Lion Legacy are:


  • Educate the student body on the importance of philanthropy and the Southeastern Foundation
  • Raise funds for students needs
  • Unify the student body in a common cause



Lion Legacy Giving Levels:


Green Level ($20 donation)

  • Lion Legacy t-shirt


Gold Level ($50 donation)

  • All Green Level ($20 donation) items
  • Choice of Philanthropy commencement cord or Lion Legacy lapel pin


Loyal Lion  Level ($100 donation)

  • All previous giving level items
  • Personalized friendship brick







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