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Ensuring Success

“I’m making sure I pay for college myself and I needed all the help I could get,” said Kaitlyn Fickle, Junior in Marketing. Kaitlyn’s future has success written all over it, and her present is marked with it daily. She is self-assured, hardworking, involved on campus and preparing to launch her career – her life – with the strong foundation and richness of experience that Southeastern has provided.

Kaitlyn is a student worker in the Admissions Office who encourages high school students to attend Southeastern on a daily basis, she also works off campus, and she helps as a care taker to a close relative. She is progressing through school at a faster than four year rate and has maintained a very high GPA. She is involved in several university organizations and can be seen all over campus. She is the embodiment of what it means to take on the college experience with full force. Kaitlyn is an exemplary student who is getting the most out of her time at Southeastern.

As the recipient of the James D. and Diana White Karl Endowed Scholarship, Kaitlyn is the direct beneficiary of the kindness and visionary mindset of Jim Karl, who established the scholarship seven years ago in his wife’s honor after her passing. Scholarships like this ensure that opportunity is not only for the select few, but for those who have the ability and desire to reach success. That is Kaitlyn.

In addition to the special closeness she feels about Southeastern, she also notes how special her relationship with Mr. Karl is, “He cares about how I’m doing and writes me regularly. It’s almost like having another grandfather.”

Scholarships help hundreds of students offset hundreds of thousands in tuition. With this help, many find their way to their successful future. Your, like Mr. Jim Karl’s, help ensures this will continue for decades to come.