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Volunteering for "All In For Southeastern" is easy!  You don't have to show up, get dirty or even move away from your computer.  It's all done from right where you are.  All we need is for you to spread the word.  That's it!  

Four Step Process

1. Text some friends that you know are alumni or are friends of Southeastern.

Sample Text:

Today is "All In For Southeastern" - I'm making a gift to support Southeastern, I'm asking you to do the same.  Any size gift is helpful.  Go to

2. Send an email a few days before 4.24.18 to friends.

Sample Text: 


I'm reaching out to you because I know you know the value of Southeastern to its students and to our region.  On Tuesday, 4.24.18, Southeastern is having "All In For Southeastern Day." This is a day of giving to get as many people as possible to make a donation all on one day.  I will be making a gift and I'm asking you to do the same.  Any size gift will help.

Go to to read more, get social media tools to help me spread the word and make your donation.

Thanks for your help!  LION UP!

3. Call out friends on social media by tagging them in posts.  

Sample Text:

I'm calling on @John Doe, @Jane Doe and @Mike Smith to join me in making "All In For Southeastern" a special day by making a gift!  Go to and make a gift of any size!

4. Make a few phone calls.

You can repeat the messages above in your own words to encourage friends.


That is all there is to it.  Take less than 10 minutes to spread the word and help Southeastern continue to build excellence and student success!

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