How Do I Take Courses Elsewhere

Any Southeastern student who wishes to take courses at another college or university
should obtain prior approval from the dean and department head to ensure transferability
and degree credit. Work taken concurrently will independently be subject to the same
regulations as transfer work, and must meet the minimum scholastic requirements as
set forth for Southeastern students per the university Catalog. It will be at the
discretion of the dean / department head to determine if a course not previously approved
may be used toward degree credit.

The Office of Admissions will assist with course elsewhere approval, where necessary
and to the extent possible, cross reference numbers for the courses the student desires
to take at another college/university and have transferred back to Southeastern.

To receive approval to take a course elsewhere and guarantee transferability and degree
credit, please complete the Course Elsewhere Form below. Approvals will be routed
to the appropriate department and you will receive an email confirmation once all
approvals are obtained. For information on course equivalencies from schools located
in Louisiana, please see the Master Course Articulation Matrix.