Northshore Regional STEM Center

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LaSTEM & The Louisiana Regional STEM Network

The Louisiana Regional Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (LaSTEM) Network is a system of nine geographic areas strategically positioned across Louisiana through which communities, parishes, multi-parish regions and the State can achieve improved STEM education, opportunity, and advancement. The LaSTEM Advisory Council oversees the Louisiana Regional STEM Network. Each of the nine geographic areas hosts a Regional STEM Center. Visit for more information.

The Northshore Regional STEM Center

The Northshore area’s five parishes (Livingston, St. Helena, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, and Washington) have been designated as the LaSTEM Region 9. Led by Southeastern Louisiana University and Northshore Technical Community College in partnership with LaSTEM and with the guidance of a representative Advisory Committee, the Northshore Regional STEM Center supports the mission and goals of LaSTEM in alignment with stakeholders in our region to connect, collaborate, and more effectively build STEM opportunities to prepare tomorrow’s STEM workforce in response to the needs of all stakeholders. 

Hosting the Northshore Regional STEM Network Center is the natural progression of an already existing, well developed partnership between Southeastern, NTCC, and STEM-related industries, government, educational, and community organizations.

For more information contact [email protected], 985-549-3306, SLU 10345, Hammond, LA 70402. 

The Northshore STEM Coalition

The Northshore STEM Coalition is a 501c3 collaborative organization of stakeholders supporting the Northshore Regional STEM Center and dedicated to improving STEM education and workforce opportunities in the Northshore region through collaborative endeavors. The coalition envisions a region that is well equipped to meet current and future workforce demands and exists as a leader in science and innovation. The coalition’s mission is to prepare all youth and young adults in the region for success by facilitating collaborative, inclusive and quality STEM education and workforce development opportunities. 

For more information contact [email protected], 985-269-0645, SLU 10345, Hammond, LA 70402 and visit