Buoy Data

This page contains the real time water quality readings from our four continuous monitoring
buoys in Lake Maurepas: the Amite (blue), Blind (black), Maurepas (purple), and Tickfaw
(pink) buoys. By providing real-time data, our aim is to enhance the community’s understanding
of Lake Maurepas’ current status and to elevate their awareness regarding water quality
and atmospheric conditions in the area. Click on the buoys in the interactive map
below to learn more details about each one.

The water quality parameters monitored by these buoys include CO2, temperature, turbidity,
specific conductivity, salinity, dissolved oxygen concentration (mg/L and % saturation),
and pH. The Blind Buoy is also fit with a weather station that monitors atmospheric
conditions in addition to water quality. This includes air temperature, rain total,
rain intensity, dew point, barometric pressure, relative humidity, wind speed, wind
gust speed, and wind direction. All water quality and meteorological parameters are
measured every 30 minutes, 7 days a week, starting on the date of deployment (1/31/2024).

Note: All dashboards and maps presented on this page are provisional and subject to

If viewing on a mobile device, scroll down on each dashboard to view the full list
of parameters.


Amite Buoy Water Quality Data

Blind Buoy Water Quality Data

Blind Buoy Weather Station Data

Maurepas Buoy Water Quality Data

Tickfaw Buoy Water Quality Data