Minor in Economics

A minor in Economics provides students with the education and training needed for
jobs in the fields such as banking, financial economics, economic development, labor
relations, regulation, government tax and revenues, etc.

Students from other departments who desire to minor in Economics may do so by successfully
completing 18 semester hours selected from the following courses:

  • Economics 201
  • Economics 202
  • 12 hours Economics 300+ electives


Minor in Management

The minor in Management allows students to enhance their knowledge of the discipline
to better prepare them for success in the business world.

Students from other departments of the University may minor in Management by completing
18 semester hours selected from the following courses:

  • Management 351
  • 15 hours Management 300+ electives
  • Excludes Management 425 and 464


Minor in Administrative Supervision

The minor in Administrative Supervision provides non-business majors with knowledge
and skills to help them advance to supervisory positions.

The Administrative Supervision Minor consists of the following courses:

  • Management 240
  • Management 351
  • Management 471
  • Management 473
  • Marketing 314
  • Accounting 200

Students minoring in Economics, Management or Administrative Supervision must obtain
the approval of the Management Department Head. Please contact the Department Head for further information.