Psychology Graduate Degree Program


The mission of the masters in Psychology program is to provide students with a M.A.
level of knowledge and skills to prepare the student for a Ph.D. program in Psychology
and to provide students not intending to pursue a Ph.D. degree with a variety of courses
that will help prepare them for paraprofessional positions. The program also offers
an Industrial / Organizational concentration for students interested in entering the
business professions following graduation with their master’s degree.



Thank you for your interest in our Master of Arts program in Psychology. The M.A.
program in Psychology at Southeastern is a 38-hour program that typically requires
two years to complete. Although not all of our students apply to Ph.D. programs after
they complete our program, the focus of the M.A. program is on providing students
with the core training in Psychology that would enable them to successfully enter
a Ph.D. program as a third year graduate student. Students do not specialize in an
area in our program. Students who are going on to Ph.D. programs in applied areas
such as Clinical and Industrial / Organizational will take roughly the same courses
as those going on in basic research areas such as Cognitive and Physiological. However,
it is possible to slant one’s program in the direction of the specialty area through
some of the elective courses (e.g., practicum, independent readings, independent research)
as well as by selecting a thesis director with compatible interests (see description
of Faculty). 

The department currently awards 10 graduate assistantships valued at approximately
$4,500 each for 10 months, plus a tuition waiver. They are awarded on a competitive
basis. You may apply for an assistantship at the time of application to the program.
Please note that there are only a very small number of summer assistantships (valued
at $2,200), and a separate application for these are necessary.

More detailed information on the M.A. program can be found in the University General Catalog and the guidelines for the M.A. found here. An application may be obtained from graduate admissions. Contact the graduate coordinator
([email protected]) if you have any further questions. Additional
information on thesis, non-thesis requirements, comprehensive exams, etc. can be found
in the graduate guide available to all current psychology graduate students. The most
recent guide is located on Moodle in the psychology graduate students section.

Southeastern Psychology Masters Program Information Sheet