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Louisiana offers six inclusive higher education programs that allow students with
intellectual and developmental disabilities to enjoy a college experience. Four of
out of the six programs are Comprehensive Transition Programs (CTP). The CTP programs
are degree, non-degree, or certificate programs for students with intellectual disabilities
that are designed to give students opportunities to grow educationally and socially.

The alliance is comprised of representatives from the following organizations:

Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council

Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council

The Council engages in advocacy, systems change, and capacity building activities
that contribute to a coordinated, individual and family-centered, individual and family-directed
comprehensive system of community services, individualized supports, and other forms
of assistance that enable individuals with developmental disabilities to exercise
self-determination, be independent, be productive, and be integrated and included
in all facets of community life.

To build capacity and effect systems change, Councils are charged with carrying out
specific activities in the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act.

Program for Successful Employment @ Baton Rouge Community College*

Program for Successful Employment at Baton Rouge Community College *

The Program for Successful Employment (PSE) is a two-year vocational training program
for adults with autism and/or other cognitive differences. The program combines academic
and job skills training with externship opportunities in regional businesses. Each
group that starts will stay together as a cohort. Each cohort will occupy a time slot
during the hours of 9 a.m. 3 pm., Monday through Thursday.

Upon acceptance into PSE, all students are on a probationary status throughout the
program. Students will be evaluated not only as a student, but also as a prospective
employee. Classroom and jobsite experiences should be considered as a “long-term interview.”
Upon completion of PSE requirements, graduates will receive a PSE Certificate of Employability
with a specific concentration based on their career goals.

Program for Successful Employment @ Bossier Parish Community College*

Program for Successful Employment at Bossier Parish Community College *

The Program for Successful Employment (PSE) is a division of Workforce Development
at BPCC providing flexible and innovative education and training for individuals with
significant disabilities or support needs. Students who have exited high school may
enroll in a unique comprehensive transition and postsecondary program for individuals
with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities and/or Autism. As a federally-recognized
CTP program, students with an ID diagnosis may be eligible for federal financial aid,
even without a high school diploma or equivalent.

The goal of PSE is to provide vocational and essential skills training while students
work to earn a credential in a field where they can use their strengths and interests
as well as personalized coaching and support through the transition to gainful employment
and independent living.

Bridge to Independence @ Nicholls University*

Bridge to Independence at Nicholls University *

At Nicholls State University, students with Intellectual Disabilities or Autism Spectrum
Disorder have the opportunity to enjoy the full college experience while gaining the
leadership and social skills needed for future employment and independent living.
Known for its family-friendly campus, caring faculty and staff, and recently recognized
as the safest campus in the UL system, Nicholls is the ideal location for the Bridge
to Independence program — the first program in Louisiana certified by the U.S. Department
of Education.

Bridge to Independence provides the support services needed for eligible students
attend regular Nicholls classes, participate in campus events and activities and join
campus organizations. Along the way, peer mentors, trained in the Nicholls College
of Education and Behavioral Sciences, will assist Bridge students with their coursework
and socialization.

Lions Connected @ Southeastern University*

Lions Connected at Southeastern University *

Lions Connected courses, combined with college-level courses, are centered around
the practice of “learning by doing”. As students in the LC program prepare for a career
they love, we work closely with each student to customize their courses and college
experience. Academic mentors accompany each LC student every step of the way. They
help the LC students learn to navigate the complexities of campus life. Social Mentors
are available to enrich interpersonal skills and relationships through extracurricular

The entire program is driven by the importance of inclusion of students. LC students
learn functional, social, academic, and employment skills needed to be successful
individuals in society. Each semester, LC students audit one Academic Course as well
as one Kinesiology Lab Course while on campus. LC students also participate in a functional
Life Skills Program. During the final semester of the program, LC students have the
opportunity for supported employment

UL LIFE @ University of Louisiana at Lafayette*

UL LIFE at University of Louisiana at Lafayette *

The UL LIFE (Learning Is For Everyone) Program is a highly personalized program for
young adults with intellectual disabilities. By combining academic, social, and career
development skills at the college level, young adults with intellectual disabilities
can become thriving members of our community.

Our LIFE courses, combined with college-level courses for the students to audit, all
center around the practice of learning by doing. We work closely with each student
to customize their courses and college experience so they are prepared for a career
they love. Our academic mentors accompany each student every step of the way, including
going to class, modifying in-class assignments, and providing support for out-of-class
assignments and homework.

Post-Secondary Apprenticeship for Youth @ LSU Health Sciences Center*

Post-Secondary Apprenticeship for Youth at LSU Health Sciences Center *

Postsecondary Apprenticeship for Youth (PAY Check) is an innovative collaboration
between the LSUHSC-Human Development Center (HDC), Louisiana Rehabilitation Services
(LRS), public school systems, and employers in the New Orleans metro area.

PAY Check is a 3 semester program where students participate in courses at a post-secondary
institution, engage in professional career development activities, learn community
and work-related skills, and gain employment experience through two 10-week paid internships.

*Inclusive Higher Education Program that is part of the alliance. To learn about each
program, please visit the links for each institution.

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