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Instructional Classrooms


Library Instructional Classroom (Room 252)

University faculty and staff may reserve Room 252 for instructional sessions. The room accommodates 30-35 students and has an instructor PC with Symposium presentation technology, overhead projector, document camera, and DVD/VHS viewing equipment. Use of the classroom must be reserved through the Media Department at least 24 hours in advance and is subject to availability. To reserve Room 252, please fill out the online form. A faculty or staff member must be present in the classroom at all times.

Presentation Practice Studio (Room 256)

The Presentation Practice Studio is a dedicated space for university students to develop and rehearse multi-media presentations individually or in small groups. The Studio features a whiteboard, overhead projector, DVD/VHS viewing equipment, speaker's podium and a dedicated PC equipped with Microsoft Office. Additional VGA and audio attachments are available for your personal device. To reserve room 256, please fill out the online form

Library Instructional Classroom (Room 355)

An instructional classroom with 26 computers is available for library instructional sessions. Most sections of Library Science 102 are scheduled for this classroom.

Library Instructional Classroom (Room 474)

An instructional classroom with 38 computers is available for library instruction. To request a library instructional session for your class, please fill out the online form.