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RIA Checkpoint

Title: RIA Checkpoint (Full-Text)

Access: A password is required for this database. First-time users will need to register on the RIA Checkpoint Registration page. To access the registration page from off-campus, you will need to enter a User Name and PIN. For your User Name, enter your W Number (W0123456) . For your PIN, enter your 6-digit birthdate (e.g., March 15, 1981 will be 031581).

Once on the registration site, you will simply provide your first name, last name and e-mail address, and then click on "Submit Form." Within minutes, you will receive an e-mail containing Checkpoint access information, including a User Name and Password and some basic instructions. Student User Names and Passwords are only valid for one semester.

Producer: RIA

Category: Accounting

Update: Weekly

Content: Includes the full-text of the RIA Group's comprehensive publications of state and federal tax research and information. Included are tax code, regulations, annotations, explanations, court decisions and alerts.

Notes: RIA Checkpoint User Guide

Help: Search tips are available from the Checkpoint search screen

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