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Electronic Reserve Help

What is Available/Not Available

Finding Materials

Viewing/Accessing Materials

Login Questions and Errors

Printing Problems

What is Available/Not Available on Electronic Reserve

Not all materials listed under "Reserve Desk" are available electronically.

  • In general, materials under 25 pages that your instructor requests that the Library put on "Reserve," including articles, book chapters, tests, solutions to problems, etc., are scanned and put on Electronic Reserve.
  • Some instructors request that their reserve materials NOT be put on Electronic Reserve. These materials will only be available at the Circulation/Reserve desk on the the 1st floor of the Library.
  • Entire books and materials over 25 pages will NOT be available electronically. To determine if something is available electronically, look for the URL when reviewing reserve lists. ( Example) . All materials on Reserve, including Electronic Reserve materials, are also available at the Circulation/Reserve desk on the 1st floor of the Library.

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Finding Electronic Reserve Materials

All materials on reserve, including Electronic Reserve materials, are listed in the "Reserve Desk" of the Library Catalog.

Graphic of Reserve Desk box in Library Catalog

After clicking on the Reserve Desk you can search for lists of materials on reserve under the instructors name or course ID, e.g. Eng 102. If materials are available electronically, they will be designated with a "URL." Click on the "URL" to access the Electronic Reserve material.
For example:

Graphic of URL designation in brief title list

Graphic of URL in detailed title list

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Viewing/Accessing Electronic Reserve materials

  1. Where can I access materials on Electronic Reserves?
    Electronic reserve materials are available through the Library Catalog Reserve Desk from any computer that has internet access and Adobe Acrobat Reader
  2. What do I need to view materials on Electronic Reserve?
    You will need a computer with Internet access and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for free at:
  3. If I can't access Electronic Reserve material is there another copy available?
    Yes all reserve materials that are available electronically are also available at the Circulation/Reserve desk on the 1st floor of the Library.

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Login Questions and Errors

  1. What is my UserID and PIN number?
    Your UserID is your SLU W number (Ex.: w0123456)
    Your PIN is your six-digit birthdate (Ex.: 022964) Sample login screen
  2. After clicking on a URL and entering my UserID (W number) and PIN (birthdate) I get an error message. What does this mean?
    Common error messages and what to do

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Printing Problems

  1. My computer locks up or will not print electronic reserve material?

    The computer format of reserve materials, pdf, creates very large files. In order to print these materials you must have a computer and/or printer with some available memory.
    Here are some things to try in order to print reserve materials:

    • Print only up to five pages at a time.
    • Click on the Printer icon in the Adobe Reader window, instead of the browser window.

      Graphic of Adobe print button

    • If you have clicked on the Printer icon in the Adobe Reader window, see if the "Print to Image" is checked. If it is checked uncheck it by clicking on the box. If it is not checked, check it by clicking on the box.

      Graphic of Adobe print property options

    • The Adobe Acrobat Reader support website has more information about printing problems at: